aberdeencitys asked:
Do you have pictures of lou with overalls on?

njhemmo asked:
i know this is weird, but how much does lou weigh? she has such a good figure

I don’t and really don’t wanna know since that is super private to a person. But remember two people can weight the same but have different bodies! It’s up to the body to decide how to wanna place the fat and other stuff 

Since I hit 2K I promised to do a forever follow! I’m working on it :) xx

xjordanraex asked:
What piercings does Lou have? (:

Ears :)

beautydreamqueen asked:
i know i have said this MANY times before, but i absolutely adore your VIDEOS.. ! ! ! i spent all morning watching them!

Thank you so much! x

thefashionlovestory asked:
hi darling :) so next sunday I am having my 21st birthday party and it is going to be a BBQ.. could you maybe do lou nspired looks for me. Like for bad weather and for good weather?? :) that'd be great xx

Hiya love :) First happy early 21st birthday! And sure I’ll make it now xx :)

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