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Welcome to teasdaleinspired ! I do exact, inspired and alternatives. Feel free to ask about fashion, makeup & hair :)
If you follow, thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the blog! xxx
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Some cool hair colour ideas.

Some are from Bleach and the rest ain’t :) 

Posted on 16th Apr at 11:41 PM
whodoesnthavethisurl asked: Haiii im going to bleach london soon and I need some rad hair colours to show them next month for inspiration...I dont know what to do!! Helllpp

Hiya whodoesnthavethisurl, I just made a post with ideas :) 

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I just posted my Bleach London haul, if you want to see :) xx

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"Whats in my bag TAG!" from teasdaleinspired 


I’m kind of stupid. 

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My “What’s in my bag” :) xxx

Your bag is massive it looks like my nanny bag haa but loove all the products you carry around.

Guys I started a thing! Seriously can we do this every month!?!? Also for those who are too shy to do a video maybe you could do a picture 😄

My bag is massive but I need all the space. I carry around the most rubbish things ever! 

It would be awesome if we did this every month! We learn a lot about each other and we “see” each other even if we are on each side of the world :) 

Posted on 16th Apr at 9:35 PM
ellis-r-brooks94 asked: that's always good to hear :) i like have nothing ingesting in my bag haha other than my phone, but need a new one so bad !

Hehe :)

If you want anything like Lou or Sam inspired I have made to sets which can be found in the inspired folder :) 

Posted on 16th Apr at 9:28 PM
ellis-r-brooks94 asked: I saw :) i have know idea if you can here me or understand what I'm saying hah :) x

I could totally hear and understand you :) x

Posted on 16th Apr at 9:26 PM
ellis-r-brooks94 asked: Oki :) xx

Just re-blogged :) x

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My ‘What’s In My Bag Tag’

thanks to the lovely Teasdale inspired i thought i would join in to :)


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ellis-r-brooks94 asked: Posted not that i know if it works haha :) x

I will check it out :) xx

Posted on 16th Apr at 8:40 PM
ellis-r-brooks94 asked: I will let you know when i posted it :) x

Thanks! :) x

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ellis-r-brooks94 asked: Now i seen you do a what's in your bag i want to do it as well :) x

Yay!! Can’t wait to see it! x :) 

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when a lou blogger says I am pretty I hold onto that shit for like a month because have you seen lou bloggers these days? gorgeous every single on of them! 

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My “What’s in my bag” :) xxx

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My ‘Whats In My Bag Tag’ 

Hope it was okay xx

You are sooo cute! xx

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